We have received our verdict and it’s extremely heartbreaking and sad for us to report that despite our best efforts, we have to make the public aware that we either:

– Need to buy this property for the owners asking price; or

– Vacate within 6 months – we have to be out of here by April 2022.

We are very thankful to the courts for seeing that the landlord initially, unlawfully, terminated our lease by placing us in breach, but as a result of COVID and the world wide pandemic that we all faced in the last two years, it left us in a difficult financial situation and ultimately the courts cannot force a landlord to reduce rentals or renew or make allowances when we are in arrears.

We have tried countless times to reach a mediation or settlement and were time and time again rejected by the owner. The judgment is a public record and is readily available for review.

As everyone knows we don’t want to move. It would only put the animals under severe stress and to rebuild from scratch would be even harder and heartbreaking.

We NEED TO buy this property so that the animals don’t lose their HOME and so that we can continue to grow at the place where we started to grow.

Please help us water this plea for a miracle 🙏
Hear our animals cries 🐺🐕🐩🐈🐈‍⬛🐎🐖🐑
Hear our cries as we are crying deep inside. 😭😭
All of us. 💔

We now know that we need to be stronger than we have ever been before, and desperately plead to individuals, corporates, investors and all animal loving hearts to help us not give up. We have a heavy task ahead of us, but then we remember that nothing is impossible – something we learn from our animals on a daily basis (especially our special needs boy, Shimbungu).

We need the support and positivity through this devastating result, and we need to remember not lose the faith and we need the public to help us.

We are going to try, as hard as it is, to hold our heads high and find solutions, but please remember that each one of you are needed to help us as well.

We are begging the public to help however they can 🙏

You can make a donation here.

All Hearts Foundation