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Spirit the Malamute – He was thrown into a river with both his front and back paws tied up and he was left to drown. He was extremely emaciated and had a severely injured front paw that nearly had to be amputated when we found him. Luckily, this boy still had a fight in him and made enough noise for two people walking past the river to hear him and get help.

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Alaskan Malamute | Male | 6 Years Old

Spirit – The one and only. He has been in the care of AHF for the last 4 years after we assisted in rescuing him from a river. He was bound by the front and back legs with wire and was thrown away like rubbish! Left to drown and die. This beautiful boy created enough attention that two men walking alongside the river heard this dog and immediately called for help. Spirit really endured such cruelty and mistreatment that our hearts will always hurt for him. He nearly lost a leg in the process and walked a long road to recovery. His successful conclusion is truly that – just bliss and unconditional love from us for this boy! For the rest of his life, he will never experience what he did ever again, and every day we let him know that. He is a lovely boy with beautiful nature. He loves to play with his friends, and eat, of course! That’s spirits best.