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All Hearts Foundation is home to numerous rescue cats. In the words of Kristen Cast – Cats choose us, we don’t choose them. We welcome any feline that needs a haven and has a good relationship with the rest of the gang.

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Feral Cat Colonies

We also feed and look after feral cat colonies in Johannesburg, South Africa. To control the feral cat population, we also run TNR, which stands for Trap, Neuter & Return programs. We would like to continue with this cause for as long as possible but cannot do this without public support. Although the Vets have been very accommodating with fees, there is still a chargeable fee for the neutering of the cats.

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tnr – trap, neuter, return program


All Hearts Foundation has assisted in sterilizing sixty-four feral cats to date and will continue with this program for as long as financially possible.

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Tipped or Notched01 All Hearts Foundation

Have you seen cats with ears like this?

These cats have been “ear-tipped” or “notched“. This is a surgical alteration showing that a free-living cat has been spayed/neutered. It’s part of “TNR“, which means “Trap”, “Neuter”, and “Return“.

These cats should never be re-trapped or brought to a shelter, unless sick. Instead, they should be left in their neighborhood to provide cat population control. Studies have shown that by just being there, they prevent other cats from moving into the area. And, because they have been fixed, they will never have a litter from kittens.

Even if you don’t like cats, TNR ear-tipped cats have an important job to do in keeping your neighborhood a wonderful place to live.