We are disgusted at the #hypocrisy

We are rather shamed to say that we received a call yesterday, Wednesday, 14 April 2021, from another so called Wolf “Sanctuary”. They wanted to purchase new wolf blood lines from us. We realised that what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

We were wondering why we get issues from the public for controlled breeding and keeping of our wolves? As it is public knowledge, only two wolf cubs have ever been born at the foundation. One sadly passed away and the other one, Kekoa, remains with his pack and always will. However, we do not trade and never will. Yet it is ok for other sanctuaries to trade, breed and evidently exploit animals.

Confused Wolf

These other sanctuaries, as they call themselves, don’t receive public shaming? Other rescue organizations and shelters work hand in hand with this specific facility, and many other. Yet, rather focus on our foundation and create public drama and take from OUR ANIMALS and foundation – who we truy know is doing everything the right way! We are always placing our animals’ and wolves’ best interest first. Our animals’ happiness shines through! For those that have visited our foundation, I know, would be more than happy to share their experience with anyone. We are pretty disgusted to say the least!

AHF has never hidden the truth

As everyone knows, AHF most certainly do support research projects and controlled breeding. We strive to become a worldwide recognized research center one day, but that being said, we are also a safe haven for wolves and we take in all the unwanted wolves that has impulsively been bought as pets and then get dumped.

When we get contacted by sanctuaries that never face the music that we do, and blatantly get asked if we have two females available for them as they want to extend their pack, we get furious!

The last time we checked, there are so many wolves being dumped, that we can’t even cope, and other facilities are looking for wolves to breed. This makes no sense at all! We will state this AGAIN – we DO NOT TRADE IN WOLVES! We DO NOT exploit our wolves, or any other animals of the foundation! We rather provide them safety from the above mentioned fate!


Angry Wolf
Confused Wolf

Here we are battling to keep our heads above water and pay our bills for rent, running costs debts. We are battling to achieve this! We are honest rescuers! And then other deemed sanctuaries are managing to buy animals?! They are evidently financially perfectly fine.

We are clearly doing something wrong? In a shameful world where wrong behaviour gets deemed right and right behaviour gets deemed wrong, we sit here shocked for words. This is shameful!


we urge the public to support us

We beg the public to please support our foundation and our good work. We beg the world to open their eyes to the real issues out there and see that we have nothing to gain, nor to lose by placing the truth here. We state for the last time – WE DO NOT SUPPORT THE WOLF PETTING TRADE. These are wild animals and not pets.

We do support the controlled research and breeding projects of wild animals done in the right way. We are a safe haven for animals. Please DO NOT contact us and ask us to sell you wolves!

It will never happen!

We would like to thank those who act on behalf of those with no voice and we appriacite your love and unity!