WATCH: Hartbeespoort wolf pack at risk of losing their home

31 Mar 2022

The All Hearts Foundation has one day left to raise enough funds to stay on the property they are renting.

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Akira, a 4-month-old wolf cub, is the newest edition to the All Hearts Foundation in Hartbeespoort, 16 December 2020, North West. Photo: Jacques Nelles

The All Hearts Foundation (AHF), a wolf sanctuary in Hartbeespoort, have one day left to prevent eviction from the land they are currently renting.

The All Hearts Foundation, an animal sanctuary based in Hartbeespoort is on the verge of losing its premises. AHF need your help to prevent closing and the rehoming or potential euthanasia of nearly 30 Canadian timber wolves currently residing on the farm before the end of March.

The All Hearts Foundation was founded six years ago as an initiative to save a pack of 16 Canadian timber wolves.

Since then, they have become a safe haven not only for the wolves but feral cats, dogs, a horse, sheep, parrots, pigs and several other animals.

The eviction would leave 31 wolves, one wolf hybrid, 25 cats, one horse, eight sheep, seven birds, 22 dogs and two pigs, all rescued, either homeless or possibly euthanised.

The only option the AHF now have is to raise the funds to secure a bond, or pay R3.8 million to purchase the property their rescue organisation currently operates on.

AHF are urgently appealing to the public for any aid or donations as their time is running out.