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Why are we in panic mode?

Update | 5 July 2022

As a result of the worldwide pandemic, our sanctuary struggled immensely as guided tours and donations were minimal. Our educational tours assisted us immensely with our monthly running costs – including rent. As a result of this, we had an eviction taken against us of which we appealed the eviction. On the 25th of May we had our hearing for the leave to appeal.

We lost our leave to appeal. This means that the eviction may continue. We have been given until the 7th of August 2022 to vacate the premises or raise funds to buy the property. We need raise as many funds as possible to save their home. We emphasize to the public that any donation makes a difference in unity. Moving is simple not an option as the effects will be detrimental to our animals and we cannot risk that but if we have to we will as we will not fail our animals and the biggest risk they would be is to be in shelters or anyone else’s care other than ours. Please stand with us to save their home. We can do this. We will do this.

At this point, the R1 million goal will not suffice as no time will be awarded to us to get a bond and this is why we need R3.8 million now.

* Please note that we cannot disclose too much information to the public at this point as per our legal teams instruction and need to ensure that the animals are continuously considered in every action we take and everything we say. We may no longer update the odometer readings as our legal team has advised us not to as it will no longer be in our favour. If you would like an update on the funds, we ask the public to message us on +27 72 873 3881 with proof of assistance of the donation to save our sanctuary and we can then update you as to what the funds are sitting on.
Stand with us in the fight to save their home. We need to do this. For them.

Update | 8 June 2022

Update | 7 June 2022

Update | 4 June 2022

Update | 31 May 2022

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